Cheapest Smartwatches to Buy in 2020

We now reside at the era of smartwatches, in which we have access to smartphone most usable features on our wrist and we can carry it anywhere anytime. 

Perfect for people on the move, particularly health enthusiasts, smartwatches are made to provide fitness readings such as the speed of pulse, stride, heartbeat and related things. 

The lowest-priced smartwatches mostly come with low-quality build material and fewer options. 

If you’re using iPhone then you need to at this guide, in which Jack Bravo explains about iPhone compatible smartwatches

There are a few smartwatches that price close to a $ 50 offering pretty much the very same features as large name brands like Apple, but without the crazy $$$ price. 

YAMAY Smart Watch 

If you’re interested in finding a long-lasting smartwatch, then there isn’t any denying this YAMAY version is right for you. 

For example, on the full cost, this watch can continue between 7 and 10 times before having to be recharged! Consequently, if you’re looking to monitor your activity daily, this watch will probably do it for you. 

If you’re wondering what you can monitor with the action tracker, you will find many features. You can to track your measures, heart rate, calories burned off, sleep cycles and many more things too. 

Additionally, the watch lets you pick from around   14 exercise styles. This means that no matter your favorite exercise, you’ll have the ability to correctly determine your rate, space, and other critical particulars. 

Since the smartwatch has an IP68 score, it’s water-resistant. Therefore, you may take it with you as you’re swimming. 

Additionally, this smartwatch is sync with your smartphone and will provide you with every notification of your messages, calls, socials and even workout too. 

Regrettably, the real watch – phone features are limited. Therefore, you won’t have the ability to answer some of those messages or calls through the watch. 

You will adore the substance used as it gives a stylish look to the gadget. 

321OU Smart Watch

3210U comes with stainless steel strap; it is durable and rust-free. Thus, you do not need to be scared of the outside 

Even you can message, call and receive notifications in it. You do not need to do that by upgrading to its program. Rather, Bluetooth. Back in hindsight, this might be a pain since you’ll want your phone to always be in a substantial distance. Thus, it’s true. 

The watch allows you to control your music. Even though it does not track anxiety, it lets you keep track of your sleeping. 

It is battery may last 24 hours after fully charged. To sum that is lengthy and long lasting.  

This watch is not completely waterproof, so you’re not being able to get it while swimming. 

If you match with its program, you can command your phone’s camera. But this attribute is not on all phones. You will also have the ability to acquire app alarms, but these are just for important programs. 

Concerning operation, a lot of useful features are present 

Such as: Calendar, Calculator, Pedometer and Voice recorder too. 

But you will need an SD card to trigger its own audio features. 

GARINEMAX Smartwatch

What is so good about this smartwatch is how flexible it is. It can make your life much easier as compare to before. To begin with, the watch works nicely to maintain your communication arranged. To begin with, you receive alarms from several programs in your smartphone. 

Including messages, calls, social networking programs, and much more. With this watch on your wrist, for sure you’ll not be able to miss the conversation again. 

Additionally, it offers you with remote accessibility for your smartphone. This usually means you could command your phone’s camera and audio without needing to pick this up. 

Along with this, the smartwatch additionally monitors biological purposes too. It keeps notified you on your heartbeat, steps taken, calories burned off and more. 

Because it’s cheap that’s why most of the tracking features have some error but it doesn’t mean that it not works. Sometimes it gives you an error. You have to check every tracking action more than 1 time to get the accurate results. 

Among the advantages of this smartwatch, however, is the fact that it can be worn all day.


Having a smartwatch is not a dream anymore. Now you can purchase smartwatch under $50 budget with all the exciting features that every expensive smartwatch have. Most of the smartwatches look and build like a popular smartwatches brands like Apple and Samsung. 

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