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Navicat for MySQL Client from Premium Soft, is an incorporated GUI tool, let you to perform MySQL organization and database improvement in a less demanding way. Its features enable you to make information models, import/export data in an easier way, backup, exchange databases, manage queries, and deal with your localhost or remote MySQL server.

It additionally incorporates a full-featured graphical supervisor for setting the users and access benefits and many more. Navicat is sufficiently advanced for expert designers, yet simple to learn for new users. It is likewise accessible for Windows and Linux and converted into 7 noteworthy Languages.


What’s New in an Updated Version of  Navicat for MySQL

Version 12.1.16:

  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

Requirements for Navicat for MySQL

  • Intel  (64-bit processor)
  • MAC (OS X 10.10 or later)

Reviews From Mac Community

Jack Says
Crazy stuff! I’ve been using Navicat for a long time now, and it proven itself an indispensable tool for managing MySQL databases. And I have lots and lots of them. Navicat does absolutely everything I need. Transfers, queries, data/structure sync, SSH/HTTP tunneling.. And support is beyond incredible! I files a crashing bug to them and got it fixed, AND the updated version of the program released in under 48hrs. I’m shocked! It is indeed an expensive tool, but considering how much time it’ll save you in a long run, and hourly rate of almost any DBA/programmer who do DBs for living, the price is rather easily justifiable. Highly recommended.
John Says
What’s new refers to Navicat PREMIUM, not Navicat MySQL. From Navicat’s site: May 20 2010 Navicat for MySQL (Mac) version 9.0.5 is now available Improvements: If the row is selected, Filter Wizard will now display the words in white color. Query Builder supports to show diagram for some incomplete statement. Bug Fixes: Crashed when getting server Information on Information View if connection failed. Improper join lines were displayed when joining multiple tables in Query Builder. Crashed when parsing some improper SQL statements. Wrong bit field default values were displayed in Table Designer for MySQL version 5.1.31 or above.
Version 9 is the update for Navicat I have been waiting for. I’ve used Navicat for 6+ years on both Windose and Mac. It has always had the same problem on both OS. Would randomly crash. At least 1 or 2 times a day. But with Version 9 on my Mac I have never had a crash. Definitely worth the $50 upgrade just to get rid of the random crashes. Buy it!t
Could someone point me to to right direction on where to find the menu for opening a new Main window. I sometimes accidentally close the main window and cannot bring it up without restarting the entire application. Any help would be appreciated.
You are right, you just have to quit the program to get the window back, it’s a bit stupid.
Why don’t you report it, I am sure they will fix it.
Probably they are PC people and used to such UI glitches.
Still no Access import like the Windows version, very disappointing to see Macusers still have to put up with a crippled version.
On the developers site it is almost impossible to find out what’s new and why I would have to upgrade for $50,-.

It’s a pity, because Navicat may have some quirks, but I work with Navicat all day and overall I am very pleased.

Download Download Navicat for MySQL for Mac

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