Top 5 Free Search Engine Optimization / SEO tools

Here is the best Guide to keyword research. I recommend reading this post first so that you are able to research a keyword in deep.

There are several tools available in the market that audit your SEO but most of these are too expensive. Instead of using paid tools why people don’t utilize free tools? That’s more powerful than any of these paid SEO tools.

Today I will discuss the most powerful & free SEO tools you can exploit for your both On-page and Off-page SEO. These tools will help to analyze your SEO mistakes and other negative factors you should not apply to your SEO. So let’s start!

1. Google Page Speed Insights

By using this tool you can check potential SEO mistakes of your site in terms of speed and user experience on different devices. It also suggests potential fixes you need to apply in order to improve user experience and if your user is satisfied, everything is precious to you. So prefer this tool, it is so powerful and free to utilize.

Moreover, it reports real-world site performance on major two platforms Mobile & Desktop devices. Today almost 60% of Internet users prefer mobile devices for browsing, therefore, your first target should be mobile devices. Do everything for getting the highest performance on mobile devices, it will also grow your business as of the better user experience.

2. Google Webmaster tools

We have already written about Google Search Console

Perhaps it is a necessary tool for site owners since it has multiple free SEO tools in it. Fetch As Google is the basic and powerful tool that is employed for quick indexing purposes.

3. Google Analytics

We have already discussed Google Analytics

It is employed for monitor site visitors, bounce rate, and session duration. It also provides real-time data that shows when and how visitors are online on your site.

4. Google Trends

If you don’t know what topic you should work, Google Trends is the most precious & free tool for getting know your target audience. It helps you find the most recent trends of your desired topic in desired countries.

Google Trends shows the interest of current volume of a specific topic out of total search volume. Search interest over time is updated regularly but it is not 100% accurate but various business owners still employ it confidently.

Compare Terms: It provides the opportunity to compare certain search terms with each other. From this now users can acquire ideas of their terms more precisely. Compare terms can be compared at the custom date and time and search interests on different countries to each other.  

Web Interest over time:  It shows web interests over time for example in the business-related niche it shows, NASDAQ trending adword keyword IN RECENT PAST HOUR.

It means that and NASDAQ companies are spending more money on their advertisement as well as people are searching this interest increased in the past hour.

Regional Trends: Google Trends also shows web interests over time in specific regions. For example, it will also show the specific region in which, NASDAQ are trending.

Google Trends is perfectly suitable for advertisers. It helps them to produce more precise Ads to target their perfect audience by exploring  Planner

5. Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner is the keyword research tool that searches volume, keyword CPC, and its competition. It also shows the related keywords so that users can easily understand their business. Google provides its advertisers a perfect and powerful tool to explore keywords for their campaigns. Other than advertisers can also utilize this tool for getting know search interests over time, hence, they can grow their business perfectly.


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