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Find Out How SEO Company Works | Mate SEO

Find Out How SEO Company Works

And How Important It Is To Your Company

The SEO (short for Search Engine Optimization) is an established technique in Digital Marketing when it comes to increasing organic traffic to your site. And for that to happen it is essential to invest in an SEO company and learn more about how to improve your site ranking by using SEO techniques at Licreative Technology. And how does it work? Let’s go to the explanations!

SEO Company Objective:

The objective of SEO companies is to outline powerful strategies that make it possible to increase the organic traffic of your website and in addition, implement processes and optimizations so that your page has continuous results and the best performance in relation to its competitors.

HOW does IT work?

Initially, a meeting is held between the agency and the client to align expectations and develop the briefing, that is, study the business and collect as much information as possible to create an action plan.

After that first moment, a strategic plan based on a task calendar will be elaborated. Then a report of the actions will be sent to the person in charge of the company and thus the SEO company techniques will continue to be developed so that the project keeps growing.


  • Development of a website with well-written HTML code;
  • On-Page and Off-Page Analysis;
  • Use of the best layout and usability techniques in website design;
  • Analysis of the business segment and also of competitors;
  • Definition of keywords most used in searches made by consumers;
  • Creation of qualified internal and external links;
  • Content production.

Why Website Seo Work? Main Reasons

Many entrepreneurs come to our agency to invest in an SEO company for the following reasons:

  • Sell ​​more;
  • Get more visits;
  • Take first place on certain Google searches;
  • Pass the competitor;
  • Have more visibility on the web.


SEO results do not appear overnight. It is important to understand that for the objectives to be achieved it is necessary a medium to long term work, of at least 6 months.

And What Is The Importance Of This Company?

Consumers are increasingly connected and before making any purchase, either online or in a physical store, they usually search beforehand on the internet. Thus, it is extremely important that your company is present on the web and that it appears to those people who want to buy a certain product/service.

So, with SEO company techniques and well-developed strategies your website will appear in the first Google results, people will access it more often and more leads can be generated, is great for business and the growth of the brand.

Why is it important to hire a company that specializes in SEO?

You invested in your company’s website, hired a developer and put good content on the air. However, even then you are not getting the result you want? Maybe it’s time to think about hiring an SEO analyst or looking for a specialized company!

That’s because it is the SEO that will help to position your content on the first search pages. Know that some surveys have indicated that 90% of people who access the search pages choose the first options that are given by Google.

A trained professional is important because it will make your company a reference for the internet user. Increasing her authority and it will certainly have “rewards”. Know that it is practically impossible to compete for first place in search results, without adopting an effective SEO strategy.

SEO achieves better results even than paid ads by Google!

Finally, know that a survey by a digital marketing company, Rock Content, showed that companies that adopt SEO strategies generate a final result of approximately 6 times more customers.

What is the best option?

Well, it was clear so far that doing SEO is not an option but mandatory for anyone who wants to have a strong presence on the internet!

Now, who has to evaluate which is the best option to adapts the company’s website to Google’s search engines, it’s you! You can always keep up to date on SEO to keep your page ranking.

Hire an SEO and marketing analyst or look for a third party company that does a good job at an affordable price. These companies are used to optimizing websites, so the price ends up being better than hiring a person.

Another advantage of opting for a business SEO company is that you also make sure that they know all the updates to Google’s digits. This is because changes in Google’s ranking factors are frequent since it is always trying to improve the user experience more. Therefore, doing an SEO company with a specialized company will inevitably guarantee constant updates.

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