How to Download PC Games Free (2019)

“How to Download PC Games Free”? This is the question in the mind of everyone.  There are new games in markets every day and every gamer wants free games. In this article, I will tell you the secret of downloading free games for PC.

Best Website to Download Free Games:

We gather data from twenty best websites around and selected the best websites without ads. So we have chosen Skootie Games. It is the only site there without any ads problems. It contains all the latest games and their torrents which can be downloaded in a single click. As compared to other websites which keep opening new ads Skootie Games is easier to use and neat website setup makes it easier to scroll other games and read the description of games.

How to Download PC Games Free

Is Skootie Games 100% Authentic:

Yes, it is 100% authentic but keep in mind one thing before downloading the games. Do not click on download buttons. They are just for support of website as they need bucks to run the website. Always go to the last paragraph and you will see a few bullet points there. In first bullet point click on word “file” and that’s where the setup file is. Enjoy :).

Is Skootie Games Provides Torrents:

Frankly speaking, they have only torrents for all games. You can download Torrents for all games from Skootie Games. You should have Torrent client installed in your pc. That’s why Skootiegames is our first choice for downloading the games. People have made their websites but managed them poorly with major ads issues. Skootie Games makes sure that each game is tested before uploading and provides efficient quick response for each comment.

How to Download PC Games for Free


So, we summed up our article “How to Download PC Games Free” with giving 4.5 stars to Skootie Games with their performance so far. They have all the latest games provided on their website and all of them works very well and we have not heard any complaint and yet.

So try it and let us know in comments:  Skootie Games | Free Download PC Games



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