How to Increase Breast Size Naturally

Breasts are the beauty of females. Every woman wants a perfect round pair of boobs. But unfortunately 60% women have flat breasts and that is why they don’t look sexy like other women. They think that by increasing their breast size they can enhance their beauty. Well, they are not wrong too. Being a woman, I also dreamt of having a 36B or 38B size. I struggled a lot but finally with these tips and tricks now my breasts are perfect 36B. I have good news for all the ladies struggling for increasing breast size. Similarly, I have met a number of health and medical experts and they disclose the best diet and exercises which can increase breast size naturally.

How to Increase Breast Size Naturally:

Follow these simple steps to increase your breast size with food:

Soya Milk and Soya beans:

The number of health experts replied with Soya Milk & Soya beans when they are asked the best diet for breast enlargement. They are a rich source of protein. They increase the level of estrogen and it leads to breast size increase. Try to consume soya milk and soya bean 4 days a week to enhance the beauty of breasts.

How to increase breast size


Along with so many benefits, Nuts are beneficial in increasing breast size. I personally think that Nuts are the best diet for increasing breast size. You don’t have to take a glass or a spoon or a plate for this. Just keep a jar at your bedside table or in office and just eat them whenever you want.

Aloe Vera and egg cream:

I personally tried this paste and believe me it can do wonders! Just crack one egg in a bowl and add some Aloe Vera. Make it a paste and apply it to the breast. You need to message 10-15 mins. But do it daily or at least 5 days a week. In a month you will see a major change in breasts.

Consume dairy products:

Usually, we all are aware of that dairy products increase the breast size but women avoid it because it does not only increase the size of breasts it also makes you fat. But I regularly do gym and this is why my size of breasts increases and I don’t become fat. Get bigger boobs with surgery.


Let’s come to exercise now! Exercise has many benefits. Exercise not only makes you fit but there are some specific exercises that can help in increasing breast size. The exercises are pushups, wall press, Arm circling and inclined bench-press.

How to increase breast size naturally


The breast tissues are very soft and when we regularly touch and massage them they automatically increase. Massaging them with olive oil can make your breasts smooth and bigger in size. Also, the olive oil massage helps in getting them firm.


Moisturizing makes tissues soft and smooth. You can make your breast look fuller by daily moisturizing them. I am not talking about using the breast enhancing cream. They can make the situation worst. Moisturizing makes them beautiful and round. But avoid using all the breast enhancing creams. They are worst and full of chemicals that can harm your nipple area too and can lead to cancer. You can also read how to dress on a first date.


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