How to measure kratom without a measuring scale?

Kratom can work better if it is used in a proper amount which is different for different effects. If you will absorb too much kratom then you might feel the severity of side effects. 

Similarly, if you ingest kratom in a higher amount, you might not feel the desired effects. 

So, the perfection of dosage and a few guidelines are very essential before using it. 

How to extract kratom

Right kratom dosage always depends on the right quantity. Plus, it should be consumed in a precise amount and set your specific dosage.

Measuring kratom is very important because the use of chemicals and supplements should be intake in a particular amount. A person’s body will respond differently at different amount of doses. You can also find kratom in your area

How to measure Kratom Dosage at home?

In the case of kratom powder, there is a must need to measure it at home. Measuring kratom is to check the quantity properly. We are going to share tips and tricks with you to measure kratom without measuring scale.

Ideally, a kratom powder to be measured with a machine known as a scale or weighing scale. 

Mostly, this kitchen scale is available in many homes for measuring different product like baking etc.

This machine has a place to put the material you want to weight and the other side, there is an electronic metre which tells the weight of a product. 

Maybe this measuring scale is expensive for some users and some people are not well aware of the use of this machine. Secondly, if you are not home and travelling then you cannot take your kitchen scale with you. 

So, there is a must need for a substitute for a kitchen scale to measure kratom powder and dried leaves. But capsules are easy to use without any scale.


What is the fair way to measure kratom?

Three ideal dosages are low, moderate, and high. Low kratom dosage is for beginners and moderate is said to be the most ideal one for efficient results.

Two of them, low and moderate will work best for you if you measure them with:

  • Tea or tablespoon
  • Measuring cup
  • Measuring scale. 

It is not categorized according to the best and worst. The best way is to gauze with a digital scale machine. Because it is very simple and easy too with no waste of time just measure and take.

In case if you do not have a measuring scale then measuring with a teaspoon or a tablespoon is also useful.


What is the substitute of a measuring scale?

The measuring scale is an electronic device utilized to measure weight. A kitchen scale is much like a physical weight machine through which a person’s weight is measured.

It is efficient to use and occupies less storage capacity as well as easy to move due to lightweight.

But there must be some alternative of kitchen scale such as a spoon or measuring cups which are more often accessible in your home kitchens.

Spoons and measuring cups have a certain quantity which you should follow and then take your dosage accordingly.

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