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How to Research a Keyword For Best SEO

Today without researching a keyword you cannot reach your right audience and with the research, you will get an idea what your audience is searching on the internet? If you search any keyword in search engines you will see hundreds of thousands of web pages related to that phrase you entered in search box. But if you notice, which websites are appearing on the top of search engine results? The topmost websites are doing best for their keyword research. They know what people are looking for? and what to deliver to them for the best result.

If you go to the bottom by scrolling down even next page of search results you will surprise there are millions of websites that are talking about the same topic you typed in the search box. But why these sites are not appearing on top? Because they are not doing their best with keyword research. Now you have the idea the power of researching a keyword.

If you are running your online business, you should know the trends of your customers what are they looking for? And if you understand your customers, you should aware of your business trends. The trends of your business come from understanding your business what to deliver to the customers at the right time. Consider adding blog category to your site so that you will get more traffic as well as your business will grow.

How to Research a right Keyword at right Time?

There are several techniques to know your audience and there exist Best & Powerful Keyword research tools available on the market. Following are best SEO tools to research a keyword.

Google Trends: To know the trends of your business Google offers its publishers a free and powerful tool. Go to the website you will see pinned trend appearing on top of this website. You can also select your industry of search interest and country of your target audience. Just type your Keyword in the bar “Explore Topic”, then it will show all the search interests of a specific date and time. You can set custom date and time to know the interest of that trend.

Google Keyword Planner: Now Google offers its free tool to its adword partners. To use google keyword planner tool, you should have to set up your adword campaign first. After setting up adword account you will have access to Google’s powerful tool Keyword Planner. Go to settings and click on keyword planner, a new window will appear to enter your keyword in the search result, select your target country then press the button to get ideas. Many ideas related to that topic will appear including CPC (cost per click), date of search interest and many more.

google keyword planner

UberSuggest: If you are running a blog then you must use uberSuggest tool for your ease in getting know what people are typing the exact phrase. It’s a free tool created by Neil Patel. They are not charging even a little penny to use this tool. Probably it’s the best alternative and free to most of the paid tools like Moz, KwFinder, and Semrush. By using this tools you will know the trends of your topic, a total search volume of that phrase and CPC of this topic.

Keyword Everywhere: This tool provides the quickest way to explore your topic. Just go to Google Extensions, search “everywhere” in extension search bar and install this extension. After Installation, it will open a new tab, enter your email here for getting API key and type submit. Go to your email inbox and copy the API key you get from keyword everywhere’s mail. Click on keyword everywhere extension on the right top. Click on the button “update settings” then type your API key here. After Setting up this extension you can find thousands of ideas just searching your topic in Google.

Search a keyword on Google search bar then on each search you will get the volume, CPC and ad competition of that specific query you entered in a search bar. And at bottom of each search page, you will see related searches on your topic. If this Article: “How to research a keyword” helped you, Kindly comment and share this post to your friends.


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