How to unblock Letmewatchthis

Due to government laws of copyrights, the site was shut down in many countries. The content available was subjected to the copyright of the owner. And the upload of such media without the owner’s permission makes the service illegal. The site is still accessible in your country if it is banned. Letmewatchthis is banned in some parts of the world. We will discuss techniques to unblock it.

How to unblock letmewatchthis if banned 

We will discuss some methods to do the task. 

Access through changing Domain Name System (DNS)

Mostly an ISP provider is your DNS provider. A Domain Name System (DNS) works to translate human-readable URLs to IP addresses. Your DNS provider keeps the DNS database. If letmewatchthis is banned by your ISP, then you can bypass it with a DNS changer app. It just creates a virtual path bypassing the DNS system and can access anything. It is also safe for your privacy. For this, TrustDNS is recommended.

Many DNS are free to use. They provide a basic level of internet access without any charge.

Access through Virtual Private Network (VPN)

You can get to your favourite shows through a VPN. VPN is a simple way to access any website or service that is a ban in your place. This grants you access to the content. There are dozens of applications and websites that provide a private network of many countries. You just need to select a country where the service is available. Then you will be watching from that geographical location.

However, you should choose a good VPN that doesn’t store cookies or data.  

LetMeWatchThis Mirrors Domain & Proxy Sites

Mirror Website is an exact copy of any particular website or can be said that it is a replica website that is placed under a different URL. If you are unable to connect to the site because of the ban. Another way to enjoy your movies is through the mirror domains. Letmewatchthis has many mirror domains that contain the same content. While surfing on the mirror sites, you don’t feel odd. This means all the experience is the same as the main site. 

For the proxy sites, No intermediaries are required. Other methods such as DNS changer apps or VPN, proxy websites need any new things. But this method is simple in this manner.

However, with mirrors, you get annoying ads. These websites are not often not as smooth as the main ones. Also, they may be slower to load your streaming.

Following is the list of proxy sites


Final words

Letmewatchthis is a streaming website having a large collection of movies and shows. But because of copyright publish, many ISPs and government has banned the site. You can still access the stream if banned in your place. I have mentioned 3 best alternative ways to unblock letmewatchthis.


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