iOS 12.2 Public Beta 4 Brings Fresh New Changes To Apple

News And Apple TV

Just like clockwork, Apple has pushed Public Beta release 4 for iOS 12.2. This development cycle has been super busy, with lots of flashy features that will play well at the March 25 keynote including major updates to News (both structurally and cosmetically) and the Apple Remote widget, which has new changes this week to make it even more universal (for those Apple TV-enabled television sets we’ll be seeing later this year).

Let’s dive in!

What’s Broken

It’s a bit of a broken record at this point, but paying with Wallet is still a little bit busted. The trick is to select your card (or have it be the only card) in Wallet before you lift your iDevice to pay. You can also use your Apple Watch without any issues.

What’s Fixed

Everything that was fixed last time (Photo app sharing suggestions, purchasing cellular data on prepaid plans, device charge level displaying perpetually on the home screen) are all still fixed. Until the Wallet bug gets cleared up, this will be a pretty stable category.

What’s New

In a refreshing amount of development, Apple continues to tweak iOS 12.2 as it gets closer to it release date.

You eagle eye testers will notice a new News icon (that’s incidentally the same as the macOS News icon). This is persistent across the platform wherever the News app is referenced.

ios 12.2 setting


Yeah for icons that show what they do!ANTHONY KARCZ

After Public Beta 3’s refresh, the Control Center Remote widget gets even more love in Public Beta 4. This time the Apple TV icon has been replaced with the image of a remote control (an Apple remote, but still). Much more in line with a universal tool that’s meant to control more than just Apple’s in-house product.

ios 12.22 public beta

Started from the bottom now the whole crew’s here.ANTHONY KARCZ

Along those lines, you’ll notice the Apple TV controls in the Now Playing widget in the Control Center have been updated as well. The new remote icon is present here as well.

What’s Next

We only have three short weeks until March 25 and that means it’s crunch time in Cupertino. I don’t imagine we’ll see much more in the way of UI tweaks, now is the time to focus on stability and fixing any outstanding bugs.

Expect to see weekly Public Beta updates as we shift into high gear, with one or two more releases before everything is locked down in a Golden Master. Especially if there’s any new hardware being announced at the March 25 keynote, they’ll want it loaded up with a stable version of iOS at least a week prior.

Whether they get that is up to you, beta testers. Have at it!

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