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On the internet, there are hundreds of movie streaming websites. Many streams and download contents in for free and many of them charge fees. Letmewatchthis is a movie streaming website that provides free and high-quality movies. Previously known as PrimeWire, It is one of the most popular sites among its herd. It is now distributed into three entities PrimeWire, LetMeWatchThis, 1Channel. Letmewatchthis is counted as one of the best places for high-quality latest movies among the list of its peers. The site allows movie streaming as well as download. 


Safety Issues

When we go for the streaming sites, privacy and safety is the subject of matter. In the letmewatchthis, we have experienced that while downloading movies, there is a virus ad pop-up on the screen. If you allow them, then the virus infects your PC and at some part, hijackers enter into your PC and steal personal information. When you click on any movie to open the room for download there is “allow” “not allow” notification popup, you should click on not allow if it does not disappear on its own. Or you can use a pop-up ad blocker to block these risky notifications.

Ban of letmewatchthis

Due to government laws of copyrights, the site was shut down in many countries. The content available was subjected to the copyright of the owner. And the upload of such collection without owner permission makes the platform website illegal. If the website is blocked in your country, you can still access it through a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This will allow you to get access to the site acting as you are locating in a place where there is no ban.

Access through changing Domain Name System (DNS) 

Mostly an ISP provider is your DNS provider. A Domain Name System (DNS) works to translate human-readable URLs to IP addresses. Your DNS provider keeps the DNS database. If letmewatchthis is banned by your ISP, then you can bypass it with a DNS changer app. It just creates a virtual path bypassing the DNS system and can access anything. It is also safe for your privacy. For this, TrustDNS is recommended.

LetMeWatchThis Mirrors Domain & Proxy Sites

Mirror Website is an exact copy of any particular website or can be said that it is a replica website that is placed under a different URL. If you are unable to connect to the site because of the ban. Another way to enjoy your movies is through the mirror domains. Letmewatchthis has many mirror domains that contain the same content. We have the list of best proxy sites that will work if the URL is blocked in your country.  

  1. Letmewatchthis.cx
    • Status: Online
    • Speed: Very Fast
  1. Letmewatchthis.si
    • Status: Online
    • Speed: Very Fast
  1. Letmewatchthis.fun
    • Status: Online
    • Speed: Very Fast
  1. Letmewatchthis.is
    • Status: Online
    • Speed: Very Fast
  1. Primewire.site
    • Status: Online
    • Speed: Very Fast
  1. 1channel.biz
    • Status: Online
    • Speed: Very Fast

The Good to Use Proxies

Proxies work really well in the browser and they are speedy for streaming. Therefore, they can be easily accessible via your browser, similar to the main site. 

There is no need for intermediaries. Unlike other discussed methods such as DNS changer apps or VPN, proxy websites do not require you to install or use any new things. You can enjoy them without any apps, plugins, or event registration. 

The Bad about the proxies

They are not very secure. When you access a PrimeWire proxy website without protecting your connection, your ISP can see this. If the site is blocked by your ISP that blocked the letmewatchthis may provide institutions that want the proxies blocked as well, they might use that information to go after users. 

Malware and ads can be really disturbing. A proxy website may be less trustworthy than the original main site. Your information or personal data may be at threat. It is not necessary always but maybe at some times.

A proxy site can be slower than the original one. So, slow speed can be an issue for you.

Reviews of the site users

Despite the popularity and its wide collections, the site has many negative reviews. Many users have shared their experience with the website. 

  • One user said that he is using the site for 2 years but the site is now not working. He wrote that whenever he searches for a movie the working link doesn’t appear and he is unable to get the results.
  • One user said that he watched some of the free HD movies. However, the working links of many results were not found.
  • One user said that after signing up for the site, he didn’t save the credentials. Just then he starts receiving many pop-up notifications. He was annoyed with this and gave up the website.
  • One user is satisfied with the service and recommends it.
  • One user enjoyed the experience. He also received many pop-ups but agreed with them as the site is a free service.
  • One old user got dishearten with the unsocial behavior of the moderators. He posted some comments for the improvement of the site and then they were deleted. He also claimed that the moderators are get offended by negative comments. And even some users were removed from the membership for such comments. He said that they need to take negative comments as a suggestion.
  • One user wrote angrily that he posted negative comments. Then his membership was canceled.
  • One user praises its format and interface.
  • One user is satisfied with the experience and content. However, he warns from going to external links that are unsafe. He recommends other alternatives for safety purposes.


Best Alternatives to LetMeWatchThis

As the site is blocked, you can go with the proxy sites to enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies. However, these proxy sites have the same content as of the letmewatchthis. And it may happen that such sites may be blocked or banned. So, you should know about some best alternatives as well. The listed sites are good and popular for what you are looking for. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is one of the few internet streaming sites with a .com space name. The site offers two films and TV shows, and it orders them by sort to make it simpler for clients to discover something fascinating to watch. Popcornflix has a large library of TV shows and movies. Apart from its wide collection, the site has a brilliant interface that attracts more viewers. That’s why if you are looking for a good alternative of letmewatchthis, Popcornfilix is the best option for you.

123 Movies

Another big competitor is 123movies. 123 Movies allows every user to watch online video content from absolutely free of cost and without any kind of registration procedure. This is the best thing about it. Don’t know why but the site keeps changing its domain servers to provide regular service. Besides that, there is no issue with it and is said to be the best alternative to your videos.


SolarMovies has a huge and widespread database. Therefore, the website has users from all over the world who stream almost every genre. From the best classics to the latest movies and web series, You find all there. Because the website covers all the genre of video streaming, users consider it as the best replace of letmewatchthis. Moreover, streaming is totally free.


PutLoker is a great point for daily streamers. It has a really attractive interface and neatly organized content. Users of any tech knowledge can be streamed here. The site places all the TV shows and movies and anyone can watch for free. 

It just needs you a PC or laptop with an internet connection. And you can enjoy a wide library of the video stream. 


Another platform on the list is Afdah. Afdah is a website where you can find all the silver and gold screen releases. You will just search through the search bar and watch it from any genre. Apart from searching the show or movie name, it allows you to search by director and actor name. You will find recommendations and other related shows with your searched ones. This easily accessible site is the best alternative of letmewatchthis for your favorite videos. 


Vumoo is famous for its regular updates and HD quality videos. No matter what genre or show you are watching all is free. Its collection, video quality, and latest uploads make it a perfect alternative to the discussed site.


Are you looking for a site with a parallel collection of video streaming? Then your answer is Fmovies. It is totally free of cost to stream. You can fully enjoy videos from any category. You have to have high-speed internet for better streaming. Moreover, you can select from different qualities as of your connection and can watch in a full HD as well.


CoolMovieZone is easy to use because of its simple interface. You can conveniently navigate your desired shows and movies. Apart from these, it has comparatively lesser ads. All these make CoolMvieZone a famous alternative of letmewatchthis.


Last but not the least, SnagFilms is in the alternative list. SnagFilms is a platform where you can find all the latest releases. It allows you to stream and download all the content free of cost. 

Also, the SnagFilms has its application version. It is downloadable on your mobile device. So, you can watch your favorite shows while on the go. Hence, it is a good option you can use instead of letmewatchthis.


Letmewatchthis is a free online streaming website which also allows downloading. It has a vast stock of TV shows and movies of all the categories and genres. However, because of the copyright claim of the content owners, it is blocked in many countries. Also, many ISP have blocked it. 

For accessing the content we can opt a few methods. Like if it is banned in your country you can use a VPN to access it through other geographical locations. It will allow you to enjoy the website even if it is blocked at your place.

If Your ISP has blocked it, then you can install a DNS changing app. A Domain Name System (DNS) works to translate human-readable URLs to IP addresses. This app creates a virtual tunnel and bypasses the ISP’s DNS Database. It is also a secure method to opt for.

Then we have another method, mirror sites. We can go to other proxy sites of the main site. These provide the same content with different URLs. They are operated by the main site. However, using proxy sites is risky for your personal information as malware and pop-ups can easily get access. 

We can enjoy the same shows and movies from other alternative sites. There are many other streaming websites that provide high-quality content. They are safe to use and not as risky as the proxy sites. If your government has banned letmewatchthis, no problem you can watch your favorites from alternative sites. They are safe. However, you need to be careful on the web anytime.

Moreover, the free site has other issues as well. From the experience of some users, we have seen that its pop-up notifications are annoying. Many video links don’t work. Moreover, going with some external links is unsafe and can be risky for your information. 

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