MilesWeb Cloud Review – Is it Reliable? (2020)

Cloud hosting is considered as more secure and faster than other standard hosting types. The name that is associated with popular cloud hosting is a MilesWeb, which provides the best of cloud solutions.

After using the cloud service from MilesWeb, we have found that the speed is faster and uptime is maintained as it is regardless of the spikes due to traffics. The services are very affordable that it won’t hurt your budget at all.

What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is a type of web hosting, in which cluster of various servers is used to balance a load of the website so as to provide maximum uptime. The cluster of these servers is known as a cloud. So, instead of storing your website on a single server, it is stored on this cluster where the resources are pooled from a centralized server. This means, even if one server fails, other servers kick in to keep the site running.

The cloud is nothing but like a web of different computers that are interconnected. As the number of machines connected is more, cheap cloud hosting has more resources to fulfill every system’s requirements.

Benefits of cloud hosting :

(i) Scalable Resources –

With cloud hosting it is easy to scale your resources. You can increase or decrease them as per the current site’s requirements.

(ii) High Uptime –

For all the other traditional hosting the uptime depends on the physical server environment. If the server goes offline due to any miss-happen then all the websites hosted on it fail to perform over the internet.

 On the other hand, cloud hosting has a high built-in uptime availability structure. Since the site virtually uses various servers, it simply gets transferred to other servers if one goes offline or faces any technical issues.

(iii) No Hardware Issues –

Cloud hosting protects your site from physical server issues like hacking, hardware failure, or system overload.

(iv) Faster Website Performance –

Most of the cloud hosting offers blazing fast speed, along with the increase in the site’s capacity. Cloud hosting provides easy balancing between multiple servers, which puts less strain on any particular server.

With MilesWeb you get managed DigitalOcean and AWS managed hosting. You are first allowed to select the preferred operating system from Linux and Windows.

They provide dedicated technical support team that looks after the following tasks :

  1. i) VPS management.
  2. ii) Suggesting the most suitable VPS hosting plan.

iii) Complete assistance in migrating your website, application or eCommerce site.

  1. iv) Continuously manages your VPS hosting account for uptime, security, and network.
  2. v) Updates OS and server to keep it protected from malware.
  3. vi) Complete VPS management as the hosting environment can be complicated to handle.

vii) 24/7 technical people to solve your queries.

viii) Unlimited support over tickets and emails.

You must be thinking of buying un-managed cloud services for the start. But, let me tell you, handling cloud hosting is not an easy task, it requires specially skilled technical people. Instead, of hiring a whole IT department that can manage your cloud, it is better to get managed cloud hosting. It also offers the following benefits :

1) Time-Saving –

With managed cloud hosting you get complete server management by experts. So that you can focus on your primary business and don’t get involved in these activities.

2) Cost Saving –

The technical team from MilesWeb looks after your system and databases that can track the resources usage. It lets you know what type of resources are mostly used by you and in what proportion. By tracking it, the technical person informs you about the redundant resources that you can get rid of and save money.

3) High Security –

The real-time monitoring of the server is done that can easily find out even the fewer changes that can cause a threat to your system.

4) Increased Productivity –

As all tasks are carried out by technical experts it gives you more time to work for your business, which ultimately increases productivity for you.

The AWS management from MilesWeb offers you numerous advantages like reliability and flexibility for your business. They have rich experience of working with startups and well-established organizations and are aware of the challenges these businesses face. Over time, their team has mastered the skill of tackling all the problems so that the business can make complete use of AWS and make a profit from it.

The most company finds it difficult to move to the cloud, but with MilesWeb it is not of any concern. As the team guides you about everything right from the setup process to its use. They ensure that you get a powerful platform for the AWS server along with the compliance with rigorous security.

Reviews for MilesWeb :

Definitely Reliable :

I have started by with their shared hosting plan for my blog and with their experience now I am using their cloud hosting service. The 24/7 technical support made me free from long waiting hours and also has also increased my knowledge in hosting vertical. 

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