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MilesWeb Reseller Hosting – Why We Suggest Them?

MilesWeb is working in the hosting industry since 2012 and it always strives to make its users experience memorable. MilesWeb provides the best web hosting services at affordable prices. It is considered as the best platform for startups, beginner bloggers and even large scale business. This is because; they have a solution for everyone in various hosting forms.

Nowadays, the craze for earning money online has been increased a lot. People want to start their business apart from their regular job. This side by business lets them earn more to fulfill all their dreams. People from tech backgrounds are well aware of the web hosting industry and thus the demand for this business is increasing day by day. In today’s era, everyone wants to make their presence online that helps them to reach a global audience. And taking yourself over the internet is one such way to it. When we talk about taking a business online, we anyhow will have to go to web hosting service.

Web hosting is a service, in which user’s websites are stored on a server to make it available over the internet. Web hosting companies like MilesWeb provides this server space to their users. But due to demand in the industry and people’s interest in it, MilesWeb also provides reseller hosting.

What is reseller hosting?

In reseller hosting, anyone can buy hosting services from a merchant like MilesWeb and sell those services to its own customers. Yes, you can buy hosting services and structure them as per your standards and sell to your audience to make a profit from it.

So, people looking for a way to start web hosting, this is your smart and easy way to do so. This business will always be in demand and also guarantees high profits if done properly. MilesWeb doesn’t impose any restrictions on their cheap reseller hosting users and that they are allowed to create their own plans and structure price as per their choices, MilesWeb doesn’t interfere in that.

Let’s look at the features of MilesWeb Reseller hosting.

The best-unlimited reseller hosting comes with various features that give a head start your business.

1) Host unlimited websites –

Every UK reseller hosting plan from MilesWeb allows you to create a certain number of cPanel account. But under every cPanel account, you can host unlimited websites. Additionally, there is no restriction on sub-domain and add-on domain hosting under each cPanel account.

2) Pure white label –

The white label is an important factor in reseller hosting. It makes sure that when a reseller user sells services to its customers, then it is independent of the merchant’s name. The complete limitation on visibility allows reseller users to create and grow their brand name.

3) SSD storage –

When you run a web hosting business, it is very necessary that you provide high-speed service to all your customers. All websites hosted on reseller hosting from MilesWeb are stored on built-in SSD servers. SSD server accelerates your site faster than sites hosted on traditional HDD servers.

4) Web Host Manager (WHM) –

WHM is a cPanel’s master management tool that allows you to control very popular and resource-consuming sites along with smaller sites. It also allows you to create and manage multiple cPanel accounts with unlimited websites, emails, etc.

5) cPanel control panel –

You can utilize cPanel to its fullest by accessing and giving access to your customers so that all can manage their emails, domains, and websites from a web-based interface. As an owner, you also get the liberty to monitor the disk usage, space, and bandwidth, also with the right to suspend, unsuspended and terminate your client’s account if required.

6) 1 click installer –

It is very difficult to identify all the applications that can be required during website development. As the applications need can arise in the future also. So, to cope up with this situation MilesWeb provides a Softaculous 1 click installer tool that allows you to install over 400 applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

7) Free web site builder –

As a web hosting service provider, you may get lots of requests to develop websites too. So, to manage your work you can use the website builder tool that enables you to create a website in just two steps – drag and drop. You can teach about this tool to your customers also so that they can create their own website in no time. To use this tool, the user just needs to select a theme and put content into it.

8) Datacenter choice –

To cover a huge audience and get a presence according to your business, MilesWeb allows you to select the preferred data center location during the sign-up process. Their data centers are located worldwide and you can choose any one from them.

Finally :

With all these features, MilesWeb provides 24/7 technical support to you and your customers. If in case you are unable to solve any of your customer’s query then you can redirect them to MilesWeb technical team, and the member from the team will solve the query on your behalf, without mentioning MilesWeb’s name. So, you are looking for a trusted web hosting partner, then we do suggest MilesWeb.

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